Tuesday, January 3, 2012

30 Anticipated Games of 2012

I'm a gamer. And although it contradicts the last post I play games more than I read. Luckily, today's video games bring a whole new art to storytelling. The narrative in games like Bioshock or Zelda give gamers a gift. Not only are we just sitting down for mindless Call of Duty matches or a classic game of Tetris! Oh no, current developers encourage us to ask for more. That is why I am so looking forward to the games being released this year.

IGN just posted their 30 most anticipated games of the year and many of them look to be great additions to any gamer's library. Granted, there are still 'just for fun' fighting games like Street Fighter Vs. Tekken and Soul Caliber (which I will be buying on release day) but some others, like The Last of Us, will present a new avenue in creativity.

Also, as a side note, doesn't it seem like we are getting overkill in the sequel range? I'm loving every sequel mentioned on the list but they seem to be overpowering the stage for something new. Just a thought. Full IGN article here: 30 Most Anticipated

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