Sunday, July 31, 2011

Forget Superbowl, these Ads Take the Cake!

I am completely confused with the strained attempt to make Cheeto's a 'rebel's' snack, it's clear that the marketing crew here is just looking to have some fun. Something about the pissed look on that lady's face and the the coordinated change in scale makes me want to buy the tasty orange treat. Perhaps this is just me, but I find this ad to be hilarious. Sidenote: if the guy is being the party pooper, why is he the one eating Cheeto's?

On the flip side, am I also alone in thinking the Sundrop ads are equally amazing? I'm not even sure what Sundrop actually is. It pretty much seems like a Mtn. Dew wannabe with extra green makeover but I have never seen the actual drink in stores and frankly, I'm surprised they can afford to have ads during adult swim. And I don't even like the song in the commercial. That being said, I haven't laughed this hard since the Cheeto's ad.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Too Cute to Not Post

If you haven't seen "How to Train Your Dragon" yet you should probably take care of that. It's a kid's movie with one of the best "aww" factors I've ever experienced. This mash up with Pokemon was just too damn adorable to resist. If you guys are interested in art like this, check out Matt Dearden's blog he tends to do a lot of cool original art that nerds across the globe can appreciate.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walking Dead Season 2 Preview

Not exactly the best show on TV and honestly, I don't even remember where it left off last season, but being that there are no other zombie TV shows out there, I'm sure we are all in the same boat. Yay Walking Dead! Also, I included a really well done version of how the credits should have been. Or at least, how fellow graphic novel fans feel they should be. Season 2 premieres October 16th!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catherine is Actually Awesome?

Okay folks, let me introduce you to one of the weirdest games I have ever seen. Catherine, the anime/HD/puzzle game that just got released by Atlus games. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should have been very excited for Catherine to be released yet from the moment it hit the shelves it's been raved about on all the gaming sites. I couldn't find a good trailer for it so I decided to include the IGN video review that was posted today. I'm still confused as to why I want it so bad. Could it be the random-ass story that flows like a typical anime? Or maybe it's just the crazy effed up nightmare sheep. Either way, I must have it.

Red Dead Rap

Teamheadkick is an awesome youtube channel for gaming music. They have songs for Bioshock, Call of Duty, and a ton of other badass games. After a few minutes you can't help but bob your head. Go ahead, try to prove me wrong.

Monday, July 25, 2011

If Potter was a Disney Movie

And I thought the anime one was cool. I love this one because Sirius looks like a total boss. The rest of the characters are alright too. Honestly, I promise to tone down the Potter shit any day now.

If Harry Potter were an Anime

A couple spoilers in this for those who are too stubborn to give in to the hype, but at this point you deserve to have things spoiled. If only this were a real thing. Wish I knew the original artist for this because it is amazing. Click the picture to view the proper size.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Little Pony Rant

Woah. Now, that's dedication to a kid's show! Pretty sure I could rant like this for The Weekenders.

Shows I Watched as a Kid that No One Else Did

I didn't waste my entire childhood in front of the TV. But when I did devote time to it, I knew to only spend time on the good shows. It has recently come to my attention that no one else shared this credo. I didn't waste my time on the Rugrats, Muppet Babies, or Catdog. I had standards. Standards that led to shows like Recess, Hey Arnold, and Rocko's Modern Life. Yet some of the shows I loved the most, no one seems to have heard of. It is time to share these with the rest of the world.

Starting with my absolute favorite: The Weekenders. Simple enough plot of four friends who spend every weekend hanging out but every minute of the show was something to be enjoyed. The humor had a perfect blend with sarcasm, the characters were hysterical, and the theme song was done by Wayne Brady. Not sure if that last one counts for anything but the show was awesome and I would watch reruns for years if they still played.

Swat Kats. They're cats. Who fly jets. And do other cool shit that we all love to see. It's always awesome to see a kids show that focuses on action (Transformers anyone?). Easily one of the most bitchin shows to be forgotten by my generation. Bonus points for those who know their names. Answer: T-Bone and Razor. I'll be honest, I had to wikipedia Razor's name.

Wow. It's crazy to see this intro after so many years. This is Reboot. A CGI show that was made before people even knew the term 'CGI.' And even better than just being computer animated, the show takes place IN a computer! Seriously, the bad guy is even called Megabyte. I'll admit, I remember it looking less boxy than it does but that doesn't mean it wasn't any less amazing.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazon Thinks They are Apple

Am I the only person offended by this? Amazon is obviously trying the whole "I'm a Mac" "and I'm a PC" thing. White background and all. That's cool when you are competing companies but when it's a book versus an e-reader you just end up looking like a douche. "Oh my, you are going to buy a BOOK?! Those are sooooo last century."

What's worse is that I actually own a kindle. They might be practical for flights or times where you need to save space but I will never give up actual books. Something about actually turning a page is way more fun than pressing a button titled "next page." And ads like these make me want to send it back covered in paper cuts. Amazon, stop being snobs. Your kindle is not that great.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

History of Rap

I always enjoy any opportunity to post something JT related so this was a welcome addition to the site. I bring you the History of Rap: Part Two, which premiered last night. I guess Jimmy Falon did the same thing with Justin last year but I was a little late to join the fandom. Just in case I'm not the only one who missed out, I included part one too. Sadly, it isn't the best quality but the awesomeness shines through.

Part One:

Part Deux:

Why you Should See Easy A

Emma Stone is brilliant. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't like her. Easy A isn't exactly a memorable movie but if there was one scene I would watch over and over again, this would be it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hunger Games Update

So, I have no clue what a 'motion' poster is or whether they have been around long but they are certainly a cool idea. Follow the link to a pretty awesome moving image of the mockingjay on fire. An awesome marketing technique indeed. Still no news on when we get to see a trailer, though.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Down with Netflix

What the hell is Netflix going to change in their company that will actually justify raising their prices? My guess is nothing. And what's worse is the fact that we have no choice but to stay with them. Every other option has gone out of business! Well, Blockbuster is still trying to hang on but let's be honest: they are a sinking ship and we all know it.

On a side note: has anyone noticed Netflix is awful at the "suggestions for you" section? I was once suggested both The Fly and Land Before Time. I don't even know which film I hate more but I'm pretty sure I will never see them again. Here's how my friend handled his last 'suggestion' from Netflix:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scott Pilgrim Bloopers

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is one of my most favorite movies of all time. If you like video games, laughing, or really anything awesome you should go see it now. The bloopers in this clip, however, are basically like bloopers in any other movie. But if you go to 1:23, you will see an example of what makes movies truly great. More than 30 takes were necessary for Michael Cera to get a box in a trash can. The time on screen is less than a second but they insisted on getting it right. Gotta love the patience of those working on set.

Potter Breaks Records

The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 became the most profitable opening this weekend, overtaking The Dark Knight. It raked in a nice 168.55 million in just a few days. Full report on I contributed to the profits but I honestly didn't think anything would topple Dark Knight.

Look at those smug little beezys. Rolling in their millions. They knew it from the start.

Friday, July 15, 2011

There are No Words...

Today is quite a sad day. Here it is, around 12:30 and where am I not? Why, the Harry Potter premiere, of course! I'm sure that any fans of this site are expecting a word or two about how the film was, or even a review, but alas, I did not make time to see the film. Don't get me wrong, I will be first in line when Saturday hits but until that day I have blinded myself from facebook in an effort to protect myself from any film spoilers. Yes, I may know what happens in the book but the film is a whole different thing!

I do, however, have a couple of things to share in the place of my lacking movie info. Something fairly cool is the fact that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida is currently open from 3-5am right now to entertain all who saw the movie at midnight. What I would give to be there now. I'm sure fans and freaks of all sorts are walking around there now, dressrobes and everything, drinking butterbeer and debating about what went well and what needed work. It's the end of an era, and it's been a good run.

Also, has an awesome shirt up celebrating the release in the US today. As is the site's custom, the shirt will be available until midnight eastern time tomorrow. Then it's gone forever. Definitely gonna have to crack open the piggy bank for this one.

And finally, a bit of shock: This...

is Neville Longbottom!?! Wow. Well he certainly turned out alright.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pretty Cool Tangled Art

Epic art by Janice over at uniqueLegend. I don't even want to imagine how long that took to draw.

Let the Potter Spamming Begin!

As the Harry Potter films finish up this week, it only makes sense to get as much of this stuff in while the references are still fresh. Us fans have been through the good times and bad (*sniff, tear*) and hopefully this latest film will wrap it up right.
On an more personal and even more depressing note, it appears that every part of my love for Harry Potter is literally meeting its end this week. I have but one treasured Hogwarts glass that I absolutely adore. In excitement for the film this week, I felt the need to drink out of it every chance I got. Sure enough, it serendipitously fell off the counter this yesterday and now symbolizes end of the series in a much too perfect way.

Shed a tear for the photo, folks. It's sooo much more than a glass.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2

The new posters just came out for the so named "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows." Blech. Am I the only one getting a little exhausted of vague yet mysterious titles? Anywho, overall I rather enjoyed the last film as I was always fascinated with Irene Adler and all other bits they placed as a wink to the books. Even small things like Watson saying "count the stairs" were small references that only book fans would get but overall I think we can all admit that the movie is a whole different animal from the novels.
Yet, who doesn't love a good mystery paired into a fun popcorn flick? Boring people. I just wish the geniuses who think up titles could be a little more creative with what they choose. Unless the villain in this film is an actual shadow (Oh! Or that witch doctor guy from The Princess and the Frog! But I digress), I think it's safe to say that this title is total shit. Doesn't mean the movie won't still be cool. Just means I will rage a bit. And we all know what opinions are like...

More Drunk Kitchen!!

Sooo, I'm very much aware I already posted something about My Drunk Kitchen this week. However, for those who weren't interested enough to actually watch it, I have decided to be persistent. This woman is a genius and should have her own show on Food Network. I'd watch it. Even if she never succeeded in making actual food her show would STILL be better than stupid "Extreme Chef." And yes, you can quote me on that.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Unlike My Drunk Kitchen, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is fairly widespread. This is a religion known as Pastafarianism. With thousands of followers, countless websites, and actual hate mail, they are just as legitimate as all other religions (Scientology, anyone?). Any person capable of a good laugh should check the site (by clicking the image) to see more stuff about it. As a little teaser, here's some stuff about what they believe.

"To outsiders it makes us hard to define, but here are some general things that can be said about our beliefs: 
  • We believe pirates, the original Pastafarians, were peaceful explorers and it was due to Christian misinformation that they have an image of outcast criminals today
  • We are fond of beer
  • Every Friday is a Religious Holiday
  • We do not take ourselves too seriously 
  • We embrace contradictions (though in that we are hardly unique)"
Sounds pretty awesome to me. People decorate their house for the religion, wear costumes, you can even become a legit 'Pastafarian minister'. There's also their own book out called "The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster." If only they celebrated Festivus too. Look 'em up!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Drunk Kitchen

Alright, my friend turned me on to an awesome youtube series and because I love all of you, I am going to spread the word. My Drunk Kitchen is exactly what it sounds like: some girl gets drunk and tries to do a cooking show. It's still pretty new with about 10 videos but she manages to make each one hilarious. Even more silly, she sells merchandise at her online store. Silly, yes, but even as I type this I feel the need to buy a shirt. Also, I must add that in my professional opinion, this girl has perfected editing with fast cuts.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Support HitRECord!

The great Joseph Gordon-Levitt has had an awesome few years. Whether it's been in indie flicks like 500 Days of Summer, or big budget films like Inception and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, his name is becoming a big one and he's doing all he can to still support the little guys. This brings us to

This is basically a website that allows all creative formats to flow together in a deeply integrated internet community. It's been around for years but finally seems to be hitting the spotlight in film festivals across the nation. Joe serves as the front runner for the site and basically does all he can to get notoriety from those in power. If any of you are interested I highly suggest you click the image to take you to the actual site. It has a nice intro video about what hitRECord is all about and you can easily spend hours cycling through what people have posted. Anyone who aspires to be involved in film should definitely give it a look as it might just be your ticket to success.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Reason I will Never have Twitter

His anger and volume describes my frustration with Twitter users. There is no reason to have an entire site devoted to status updates. Let's get a life and draw the line at facebook. It  alreadytakes up most of our time as it is.


Who the hell approved this ridiculously awful show? I'm all for challenging chefs but there are no words for the stupidity that is "Extreme Chef." I'm not even judging just by the ad; I actually sat through an episode today and it's just as dumb as it sounds. I told myself, "Hey, Food Network isn't going to waste your time. They're your friend. Don't judge a book by its cover." Boy, was I wrong. What culinary skills are proven by running a mile holding pots and using a pocket knife to cook? None. None at all. This show is proof of that.

At our house, Food Network is on 90% of the time. We love Chopped, Iron Chef, and any other competition shows but "Extreme Chef" is where I draw the line. I'm pretty sure an hour of Paula Deen would even be better than this piece of shit they market as "extreme." I want that hour of my life back. Please save yourself time and avoid this show so that they can take it off the air and replace it with something actually awesome. There you have it: rant is now finished. The blog will go back to stuff you guys actually care about tomorrow.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dogs are Awesome

The video goes on a bit too long but clearly anyone with a sense of humor is going to love this dog.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How I Identify with Independence Day

Yesterday, my friend consistently brought up how fun Guy Fawkes' Day was when she went to Europe last year and therefore I couldn't get the thought of "V" out of my head. Hope the 4th was awesome for you all.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

35 Cool Things About Alcohol

I found this interesting enough to share with the world. has a list of fun alcohol facts and they include cool things such as:
"There is a cloud of alcohol in the outer space which is enough to make four trillion-trillion drinks," 
"A mixed drink that contains carbonated drink is absorbed into the body more quickly than straight shots,"
And my personal favorite:
"Distilled spirits such as brandy, gin, rum, tequila, etc. contain no carbohydrates, no fats and no cholesterol of any kind."
Looks like if we keep drinking booze, we have no worries about heart failure. Just have to worry about our livers. The actual article can be found here so have fun learning, folks. Knowledge is power.