Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let the Potter Spamming Begin!

As the Harry Potter films finish up this week, it only makes sense to get as much of this stuff in while the references are still fresh. Us fans have been through the good times and bad (*sniff, tear*) and hopefully this latest film will wrap it up right.
On an more personal and even more depressing note, it appears that every part of my love for Harry Potter is literally meeting its end this week. I have but one treasured Hogwarts glass that I absolutely adore. In excitement for the film this week, I felt the need to drink out of it every chance I got. Sure enough, it serendipitously fell off the counter this yesterday and now symbolizes end of the series in a much too perfect way.

Shed a tear for the photo, folks. It's sooo much more than a glass.

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