Saturday, July 9, 2011

Support HitRECord!

The great Joseph Gordon-Levitt has had an awesome few years. Whether it's been in indie flicks like 500 Days of Summer, or big budget films like Inception and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, his name is becoming a big one and he's doing all he can to still support the little guys. This brings us to

This is basically a website that allows all creative formats to flow together in a deeply integrated internet community. It's been around for years but finally seems to be hitting the spotlight in film festivals across the nation. Joe serves as the front runner for the site and basically does all he can to get notoriety from those in power. If any of you are interested I highly suggest you click the image to take you to the actual site. It has a nice intro video about what hitRECord is all about and you can easily spend hours cycling through what people have posted. Anyone who aspires to be involved in film should definitely give it a look as it might just be your ticket to success.

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