Friday, July 8, 2011


Who the hell approved this ridiculously awful show? I'm all for challenging chefs but there are no words for the stupidity that is "Extreme Chef." I'm not even judging just by the ad; I actually sat through an episode today and it's just as dumb as it sounds. I told myself, "Hey, Food Network isn't going to waste your time. They're your friend. Don't judge a book by its cover." Boy, was I wrong. What culinary skills are proven by running a mile holding pots and using a pocket knife to cook? None. None at all. This show is proof of that.

At our house, Food Network is on 90% of the time. We love Chopped, Iron Chef, and any other competition shows but "Extreme Chef" is where I draw the line. I'm pretty sure an hour of Paula Deen would even be better than this piece of shit they market as "extreme." I want that hour of my life back. Please save yourself time and avoid this show so that they can take it off the air and replace it with something actually awesome. There you have it: rant is now finished. The blog will go back to stuff you guys actually care about tomorrow.

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