Sunday, July 31, 2011

Forget Superbowl, these Ads Take the Cake!

I am completely confused with the strained attempt to make Cheeto's a 'rebel's' snack, it's clear that the marketing crew here is just looking to have some fun. Something about the pissed look on that lady's face and the the coordinated change in scale makes me want to buy the tasty orange treat. Perhaps this is just me, but I find this ad to be hilarious. Sidenote: if the guy is being the party pooper, why is he the one eating Cheeto's?

On the flip side, am I also alone in thinking the Sundrop ads are equally amazing? I'm not even sure what Sundrop actually is. It pretty much seems like a Mtn. Dew wannabe with extra green makeover but I have never seen the actual drink in stores and frankly, I'm surprised they can afford to have ads during adult swim. And I don't even like the song in the commercial. That being said, I haven't laughed this hard since the Cheeto's ad.

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