Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thanks, Hallmark

I'm not a V-day hater. I've never referred to it as 'single-awareness day' and this is the first year that I have actually not been single. I'm also not a hater on sending a nice card to a family member to remind them that you love them. However, this ad is a mistake.

Hallmark seriously needs to work on its advertising. Honestly, aren't most of these comments things that you should already be saying? And even if you don't say them, is a card really the way to tell someone 'how you feel'? Plus, all these people sound pretty insecure and needy. "Tell me that I'm still the one." If you need to hear that, perhaps there are some other things you should worry about instead of your husband's reassurance that you're his favorite. The "tell me you'll never let me go" lady seems completely off the rails. Pretty sure that person in the taxi is NEVER coming back to that town again.

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