Saturday, August 6, 2011

Desktop of the Week

New section to the blog, folks. Every weekend I tend to get lazy with the posts so I figure I will do one update every Saturday to count for the whole weekend. I love looking through great photography and it makes sense to start with something cool like rock climbing. This is a picture taken by National Geographic of a climber at Yosemite Falls. I've never seen so many carabiners on one harness before. The excerpt is this:
Kate Rutherford can't hear a thing while climbing so close to the roar of Yosemite Falls. She can't find much to hang on to either. The water polishes the rock "like glass." Wearing tape on her hands, she has to repeatedly jam them into fissures for the ascent. Spectacular scenery makes up for the discomfort. The climbing route is called Freestone, Rutherford says, because "it's a peach of a route."
Someday, I hope to be this great. Click the picture for the full size. It demands a larger view. Especially since the formatting is a little off.

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