Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nostalgia is Good for Everyone

I don't think anyone can say they don't like Pixar and really mean it. Well, unless it's Cars but that's beside the point. Here's a cute video of the films of Pixar and wow, they have made one huge success after another. I love that it starts off with music from The Incredibles too. Definitely my favorite. Maybe it's because I grew up with them but this seriously is the coolest production company out there. I mean, those brilliant minds brought us the Toy Story franchise!

Plus, I'm pretty sure they are the only company to have EVERY film be a hit. This most likely comes from the fact that they devote three years of their life to each one. Today, I give thanks to John Lasseter and the beautiful company he has created. Also, if you want to see what they really went through to make it big, I suggest watching The Pixar Story on Netflix instant play. Quite a neat-o documentary if you ask me.

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  1. That definitely made me cry...I love Disney [and Disney/Pixar] soooo much! And you, of course!