Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Awesome First Aid Kit

There's no way I could finish the updates for the day without adding this awesome first aid kit. Who wouldn't love a message to sympathize with the fact that you are no longer feeling 100%? I love that the website for the company is helpineedhelp.com. I almost want a headache just so I can be comforted by this kit.

I highly suggest checking out the website if you want a good time waster. It has it's own section titled "help I'm bored" which includes tons of awesome stuff like a "help, I'm always procrastinating" section. If you click that, the site gives you this:

Seriously, for being a site to buy medicine this is one awesome place. I might buy their band-aids just for the fact that they entertained me so much. Or perhaps it's worth it to by their entire kit entitled "help, I have problems." Definitely a great marketing ploy.

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