Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Good to be Back

I'm back. And over the next couple of weeks this blogger will be updating the world through various restaurants and coffee shops around my house until I actually receive internet in the new apartment. You guys better appreciate just how important you are to me. After all, a day without the internet is a lifetime of information lost. I'd like to kick off the updates with this little gem of a movie. The Artist, although it isn't being released until November 23rd, is already receiving a bunch of praise as a foreign, Weinstein produced film. Here's what apple trailers says of the plot:
"Hollywood 1927. George Valentin is a very successful silent movie star. The arrival of talking pictures will mark the end of his career. Peppy Miller, a young woman extra, becomes a major movie star."
Simple enough plot, and definitely reminiscent of Singing in the Rain but the mere fact that you can get the entire plot just from the silent trailer fascinates me. I'm wondering if the film itself is completely silent as well. Also, this film seems to have a much more dramatic tone than that of old Gene Kelly dancing flicks. Yes, there is much curiosity circling The Artist. Expect another update when I November rolls around.

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