Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shameless Plug for Hard Knocks

What is Hard Knocks, you say? Only the most amazing laser tag arena in the entirety of the United States! At least, that is what they look like from the website. Never have I been so amazed by laser tag. Hard Knocks is in a class of its own.

Just a glance at their armory should be enough to sell you on this idea. Boasting TEN different realistic weapons to choose from (no orange tips here), including M16s, shotguns, and claymores, this place is as close as you can get to Call of Duty without joining the military.

In addition to this, these guys have over 50 different missions you can operate in their arenas and the arenas are a whole new experience as well. Whether taking place in the office, house, warehouse arena, or combining all three for coliseum style warfare, this place is a mecca for nerds.

Can you tell I'm excited? Unfortunately, Hard Knocks is located next to UCF in central Florida and I haven't even been there. Look for a post a year from now because this writer is going to experience the awesomeness for herself around that time and I will make sure to share it with the world right here on Solar Surfer. But don't take my word for it, go check out the site for yourself. Once you get past the cheesy pictures of hot chicks holding guns you can you can see that these people are serious about laser tag. Especially in the video. Those stupid blonds get irritating. Link below:

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