Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AFK Tavern

This bar was made for the Solar Surfers out there. AFK Tavern is a total nerd bar. Even the sign on the outside states, "A place for geeks and gamers." After visiting this weekend, I couldn't agree more. For Halloween weekend, AFK held a 'death eaters' night to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Harry Potters parent's deaths. The entire staff was dressed in masks and robes while the restaurant was filled with pennants illustrating the dark mark. In addition, guests were provided with a copy of the 'Daily Prophet' complete with custom drinks offered that night and an article about the actual celebration. This is just scratching the surface of what makes AFK so amazing. They hold events like these several times a month and even on nights with no specific celebration the bar is still extremely busy.

In addition to the events, the atmosphere itself is one you have to see to believe. The entire restaurant is filled with televisions and game systems that anyone can play in exchange for handing over your ID. Or if traditional board games are more your style, AFK also offers dozens that they bring right to your table. There's even a vending machine of cards for Magic: The Gathering. Any gaming fan will easily find something to do here. No this is not an ad, I was seriously blown away so much from the awesome atmosphere that I felt the need to plug the place for free.

And if nothing else, it's a great place to drink. The menu is filled with nerdy drinks and the list I've provided here doesn't even scratch the surface (I personally recommend the Lon Lon Milk from the full menu). The entire themed drink and food menu is available on their site by clicking the image above and if you guys are ever in the Seattle area you have to go. If not, you will certainly regret it!

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