Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nerd Gifts for Girls

I've got to say I agree with Hilary on the atrocities that Black Friday can bring about.  It is the holidays though, and I guess we've all got to break down into commercialism at some point and buy our peeps some presents.  A fair amount of guys I know, especially when they first get into a relationship, are at a loss as to what to buy their new woman.  Here are a few awesome items from  It's a better version of ebay in my opinion, with a plethora of handmade and recycled items available.  Some simple searching on my part produced these results:

Who wouldn't want one of these? I want the whole set! Besides, flasks are always classy.

Vintage Star Trek dress? YES

I think we can all appreciate the practicality of clocks.

Even if the lucky lady isn't a "nerd" I bet you could get away with slow rolling her into it with some of these gifts.  If she already is you're in luck! Check out Etsy.  And don't restrict these findings to girlfriends, they are also applicable to sisters, friends,  nieces, your mom or your next-door neighbor.

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