Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday gets Worse

The video above is a riot of people trying to get to a pile of $2 waffle irons at Walmart yesterday. Yesterday was also was my first and last attempt at shopping on Black Friday. Stores opened so early this year that I didn't have to worry about getting up in the morning. I simply stayed up till midnight on Thanksgiving and headed out. The Best Buy and Target in my hometown happen to be right next to each other and I figured I would finally check out the whole doorbuster thing everyone seems to love so much. Nothing could have prepared me for what lay ahead.

Hundreds of people were lined up and the line to get into the store wasn't even half as bad as the line to actually check out. That being said, the worst I had to deal with was a big crowd and a testing of my patience. At the end of the night, I got out of the store with a pretty sweet pair of Turtle Beach headphones and my sanity still intact. Here are a few stories of where Black Friday got a bit more nasty:

And all of them took place at Walmart. Hmm, guess I have yet another reason never to shop there.

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