Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Live Action Video Game Trailers

There seems to be a new trend with highly anticipated video games where live action trailers come out to get gamers pumped. Does everybody remember the Kobe/Kimmel fueled ad for Black Ops that came out last year? I feel that kick started what is to be the coolest string of ads to hit the market in the next couple of years. Here's just a couple of the latest as well as one of my favorites from a few years ago.

Modern Warfare 3 continues the theme of "there's a soldier in all of us" and does so with class. Wow, Jonah Hill has lost some weight.

In the flood of awesome games that are released this season, Skyrim is one of the most anticipated. I'm going to be struggling the balance between this and Call of Duty.

Honestly, I feel this is one of the greatest examples of how a live action trailer can get you psyched for the game. The music is so haunting and really gets you ready to stomp some aliens. Let's hope trailers like these are only the first of many.

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